Swords of Dalriada


We are the Swords of Dalriada (pronounced 'Dal-ree-adda'), a Scottish historical re-enactment group based in Ayrshire, who perform all over Scotland (and occasionally outwith). Our group focuses on bringing the conflicts that shaped Scotland to life. The time periods we cover include; the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Viking invasions, Iron Age Caledonia and the Jacobite rebellion. We do both living history and battle re-enactment. This means that not only do we recreate battles, we also demonstrate what life was like throughout Scotlands history.

Our work covers a large range of shows and displays. From working by ourselves to working with other groups. From taking part in large scale shows to putting on small displays for gala days and fetes. Check our events page for more details on our current shows.

Contact us either by

Telephone : Fred Ralston - 07427 509045
E-Mail : donnamcavoy@tiscali.co.uk