What can we offer?

Swords of Dalriada are available for various events.
  • We can take part in Gala Days by putting on small fighting displays, taking part in parades and can also set up a tent where the public can ask questions and see swords and other equipment.
  • We can put on shows by ourselves, setting up a small encampment and displaying many crafts and skills used during the 13th century. We can put on a range of fights including scenario based battles and single combats.
  • Also we can help in large scale, multi-group battles by adding extra men to the numbers.
  • Finally, we are also good for TV work. We are easy to work with, and familar with what is expected of us.

We take our shows seriously and try to be as professional as possible.

  • Safety is our top priority. Weapons are blunt and checked regularly for any problems. We are trained to avoid certain body parts (such as the head and anywhere else that is not protected). Finally, we make sure that the public are kept at a safe distance away from our weapons during combat.
  • We try to be as authentic as we can be. Our clothes are hand made with natural materials. Our equipment is correct for the period we specialise in (13th Century).
  • We are insured and covered for anything that we will be using. Just in case the worst happens.

We are a non-profit group (none of us get paid, we do this for fun) but we do request a fee. This is to pay for insurance, new equipment and cover other costs. Contact Fred Ralston to discuss this further.


Contact us either by

Telephone : Fred Ralston - 07427 509045
E-Mail : donnamcavoy@tiscali.co.uk